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KidZania is a global indoor theme park for families that empowers, inspires and educates children through real life role-playing activities.  By blending reality with entertainment, KidZania provides an authentic and powerful developmental platform that prepares children to understand and manage their world that it can promote change through , inspire global citizenship and build strong community awareness amongst children through and experience that is hands on, engaging and most importantly fun.

KidZania emulates the workings of a real city but built to scale for children.. The experience is made complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and recognisable role-playing destinations in the form of ‘establishments’

KidZania has its own currency called KidZos.  These can be used inside the city to buy goods and services.  It is also the currency in which the children will be ‘paid’ for the work they do within any of the establishments inside the city.

Upon purchasing an entrance ticket to KidZania, the child will be handed a cheque for 50 KidZos. They are then directed to the bank inside the city where they can cash their cheque, and start spending their money on goods and services, but just like in the real world, once you run out of cash you have to earn it, and so off to work the child goes.  Upon completion of their job they will earn a ‘salary’ in KidZos. 

KidZos can only be used inside KidZania (and are accepted at other KidZania franchises around the world)

Inside the city there are activities within the Establishments that set a price in KidZos, for example, the Ice Cream factory.  Here the visitor would pay to take part in the activity and receive/make an ice cream for the charge.  There is also a Department store and shopping alley in which Visitors can spend their KidZos and retrieve real goods.

There is no time limit when at KidZania.  The ticket price is set whether you choose to stay 1hr or 7hrs. 

The average time spent inside the City is around 5hrs, with each child setting their own route depending on their activity preferences. The duration of each activity varies from 5-45 mins each.

As well as all the Establishments where the activities take place,  KidZania has a dedicated Parents Lounge with free WiFi exclusively for adults.  There are also Prayer Rooms, Toilet and Baby changing facilities, restaurants and coffee shops.

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Yes, KidZania has a Residence Area called ‘Urbano’s House’ in which there are activities for children aged 0-4yrs, such as a bouncy bedroom, kitchen area and school house.

Most of the activities are developed with all ages in mind, however some of the activities may require minimum height or for children to read or have a certain level of motor skills that may suit older children.

KidZania is a child size city, designed in a way to allow children to develop their own problem solving skills and decision making processes through play.  For this reason, adults cannot participate in any activity, with the exception of Urbano’s House which is designed for 0-4yr olds, or as members of the audience in the Theatre/TV Studio or Stadium.

For Security and Hygiene reasons, Food and Beverages are not allowed inside KidZania.  However there is a wide variety offered within our restaurants and Coffee Shop.

Unlike traditional theme parks, there are no arcade games and no rides.  Instead KidZania is a safe and interactive edutainment park (educational and entertainment) where children can lead independent lives and get to understand the world of grown-ups better, by being grown ups themselves.

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