Our Story

The history of KidZania started like all great stories start, with idealistic passion and an unwavering spirit that was stimulated by a communal desire to create something better.

From a kid’s perspective things were just not going as well as they could be and it didn’t look to be improving anytime soon. Governments operated inefficiently, societies were becoming unequal, and valuable resources were routinely squandered.       

A Spirit is Born

It was the collective imagination of kids all over the world that led to its creation.

Unencumbered by race, religion, or culture, the spirit of their idea transcended even geography. The kids’ vision was what a well-functioning, ideal world could be – a world full of opportunities where kids could assert themselves and be responsible.     

A Declaration is Made


Kids wrote the Declaration of Independence as a proclamation of their independence from adults. They announced the existence of their new world’s existence. 

A Nation is Formed

After some consideration, the kids agreed upon the name for their Nation: KidZania. Roughly translated, it means “Land of Cool Kids.” It was short, easy to remember and it sounded really cool. Especially when they started calling themselves KidZanians, CitiZens of KidZania.  All the kids loved it!

The RightZKeepers

Tied together as family and friends, the creation of Urbano, Vita, Bache, Chika, and Beebop as ‘RightZKeepers’ comes from the belief that KidZania’s moral and social values will always be cared for and remembered by kids as they get ready to take on the grown up world. These KidZania values are embedded in the RightZKeepers’ personalities, and through their charm and vitality, they will instill the city’s fundamental beliefs in children of KidZania.


RightZ are Defined

In the development of this new world, they recognized a need to document their beliefs and their wish for independence.

They began by establishing six fundamental rights:

  • To Be
  • To Know
  • To Create
  • To Share
  • To Care
  • To Play