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Take your students to KidZania Jeddah!


For reservations & bookings please call: 0544629984


KidZania Jeddah's immersive learning experience makes it a great venue for activities like field trips, career days, and alternative classroom learning experiences. It can also be the perfect setting for your class's extension activities for different subject lessons. 


KidZania Jeddah has a wide range of activities for kids aged 4-14 that help develop their skills such as financial literacy, critical thinking, effective communication, and teamwork. 



While KidZania is certainly about creating fun, our goal is to empower kids with an experience that helps build character and aid educational growth.  A significant characteristic of the KidZania concept is its ability to entertain children within an educational context that replicates the complexities of real life and instills participants with important virtues such as honesty, selflessness, and generosity.

KidZania is open for school trips from 9 AM to 9 PM, Sunday to Thursday. School trips are also welcome on Saturdays.

School groups can remain within KidZania as long as desired as per the timing above.


Educational content

KidZania Jeddah is the ideal place for school visits, we offer curricula specifically developed to meet the needs for each grade level, so that teachers can integrate visits with their student’s studies. It is also educational since it makes children learn how a city is structured and organized, what different trades and professions they might pursue further on in life, along with valuable assets such as financial literacy or the functioning of the job’s market.

Our visitors have fun in a safe space where their skills and values are strengthened and they perform activities that benefit their physical and intellectual development. Also, it stimulates the creative thinking of children as well as social competence, confidence, and high self-esteem building. The dynamics developed during the period of play allow children to take roles and norms of adults, to have the material needed to make their playfulness a learning experience.

The conduct of role-playing meets 4 primary recreational functions:
               1. Intrapersonal: creativity, critical thinking, self-knowledge and social function
               2. Interpersonal: social, communication and collaboration skills development
               3. Physical: development of physical and motor skills.
               4. Sociocultural: imitation of aspired roles (adult roles).

From the experience of role-playing, the child builds learning which applies to both school and family life. With support and supervision of our staff, children can expand their communication skills, apply the information acquired in school and develop their cognitive abilities. Exposing children to jobs emphasizes the importance of those roles in society. The integration of gender roles in the activities within the role-play boosts the values of equality and respect



Teachers will have a rich learning environment that represents a unique opportunity to:

·       Observe the performance of the student’s personal interaction with others through the application of knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes in different situations which approach reality.

·       Develop and reinforce their students' skills.

·       Identify opportunity areas in order to develop different skills in their students. Identify the interests and motivations of children, which will lead teachers to develop various learning situations in schools.


For reservations & bookings please call: 0544629984


We want your time at KidZania to be fun and easy. We offer many services to support your needs during your time at our facility:

KidZania staff will meet and greet the school group(s) at the Airport area.
All visitors will be provided with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking bracelets, which they must wear during their stay at KidZania. KidZania offers the following services:


  • Security
  • Medical Services
  • School Packages
  • Ticket only
  • Ticket + Kids meal
  • First aid


·       Packages

Lunch Box packages are available for schools that wish to book in advance.

·       Visitors may purchase food and beverage at KidZania outlets using real money (SR)

·       Personal food and beverage items are not permitted in KidZania

Beverages to be chosen upon arrival from the available list at each outlet


  • KidZania Meal (Burger or Nuggets)

Kids Meal + Juice


  • Herfy's Meal (Burger or Nuggets)

Kids Meal + Juice