KidZania has more than 16 years of experience in running safe and secure kid-sized cities for children all around the world. Child-safety measures were integrated into the planning and building of all KidZania facilities.

All visitors who enter KidZania Jeddah will be required to wear an RFID (radio frequency identification) security bracelet. Each child will be matched with a corresponding guardian who will also wear an RFID security bracelet. No child is allowed to leave the facility without being accompanied or picked-up by the registered guardian.

Professional security and other measures such as CCTV monitoring cameras, paging system, and emergency facility features are in place to ensure that each child remains safe while inside KidZania Manila. To attend to medical concerns, KidZania Jeddah has a dedicated, fully qualified first aid team inside the city. Likewise, key frontline personnel are trained in the provision of first-aid and carry basic medical kits with them at all times.