Toddler Area

What's there to do at KidZania for

KidZania is a real life role play experience for children 4-14 year olds, by blending learning and reality with entertainment.

For younger siblings (1-3 years) visiting KidZania we have three main areas:

  • Character house

Take part in storytelling and puppet shows, make your own meals, explore and play inside the different rooms of the house and have fun in a soft ball bathtub!
You can accompany your children through all of the Residence’s activities

  • Kindergarten

We’ve teamed up with Lifeboy to help create an area for children to experience imaginative and creative play and make learning fun. Amazing animal puzzles and fantastic toys provide a stimulating environment for toddlers to explore and spend quality time with your parents. 

  • Bache’s Sand Pit

Located between the Character house and the Kindergarten is a sand pit area for children to play and have fun in.