Visitor Guide

Visitor Guide to KidZania Jeddah

Visiting a new city can be overwhelming. Here are some tips and key information that will help you, our Visitor, enjoy your visit to the play city

Where Kids do big things!

Buying Tickets

We recommend Visitors to book tickets in advance, especially holiday visits. KidZania Jeddah has a maximum capacity per shift, so tickets are on a first come, first served basis.

  • Advanced Booking

Book online for your convenience! You can book tickets through here.


  • Walk-In

You may also buy tickets as walk-in Visitors on the day of your visit. Tickets are on a first come, first served basis. Our ticket counters open at 9 AM.

Preparing for your visit

  • If you purchased your tickets online and chose "Print at Home" option, please bring a copy of your printed tickets. 

  • Check out our Role-play Activities here so you and your kids can plan your itinerary inside the city.

  • Make sure your kids are wearing comfortable clothes such as leggings and long pants as well as laced or velcro rubber-soled athletic shoes so they can freely do their chosen activities. 

  • Some role-play activities such as Climbing Building, Kids Gym, and Stadium require athletic shoes and specific attire. Please check here.

  • For safety and security of Visitors, outside food and drink (unless medically prescribed) are not allowed to be brought inside the play city. We do have a variety of food options available for our Visitors.

How to get here

KidZania Jeddah is located in the Mall of Arabia, gate 6, 2nd floor, Nuzhah district

Checking in

  • Visitors may start checking in one (1) hour before their chosen shift. KidZania Jeddah ticket counters open at 9 AM.
  • All Visitors must line up for ticket verification or purchase (for walk-in) and for security check in. Get your boarding pass, paired bracelet, and facility map at the airport counter. If you are 4 to 14 years old, you will also receive a check worth 50 KidZos. 

Admission Reminders:

  • Kids below 8 years old or 120cm must be accompanied by a guardian at all times. 
  • Guardians (18 years old and above) may only enter the play city when they accompany a child or children.

Play at KidZania Jeddah

  • Role-play activities at KidZania Jeddah are for kids 4-14 years old. Our activities have been designed to be developmentally appropriate for kids 4-14.
  • Some activities may have higher requirements for age and height. 
  • Kids below four (4) years old are considered toddlers and may only play at toddler designated areas, namely the RightZKeepers' House and the Kindergarten. Learn more here

Check out our activities here.